31/∞ photos of Barun Sobti

31/∞ photos of Barun Sobti

Guys I got my hard hat I’m officially an Engineer

Oh no no no no no

First day I have to use the shower here and the first thing I see as I step in is a spider crawling across the shower head

I need to have dinner around 7-7:30 every night

I didn’t have any by 8:30 and jfc I just swallowed a giant cookie

P R E P  H I M

w i p e   h i m   a n d   s t a r t   o v e r 


Dancing Groot made me so happy.

Oh god

One of my biggest pet peeves includes people who hate everything and anything. Even if you want to have such a negative opinion on everything that makes its way towards you in this journey we call life, please do me the favour of keeping it to yourself. 

Why is it necessary to hate everything?

Why not try to keep an open mind, look at things positively?

Make the most of all the great things you have.

misharoux asked: Once you get this you have to answer publicly with five nice things about yourself then pass it on to ten of your favorite followers

Thanks Mish!

  1. I like to help people and I have a problem where I help people when I’m not in the position to do so
  2. I have nice toned legs because of sports lmao
  3. I am a hardworker
  4. I like to think I’m open minded and fairly nice to people
  5. I am good at basketball, tutoring, and the clarinet 
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Vance Joy · God Loves You When You're Dancing
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Vance Joy - Riptide

I love you when you’re singing that song
And I got a lump in my throat
'Cause you're gonna sing the words wrong

theincorrigiblemagpie said:Same. I’m a HUGE Marvel Cinematic Universe fan and Captain America is my favourite. (probably cos he’s played by Chris Evans whom I have loved forever and ever) True story: I changed my whatsapp picture to that of a baby Groot piece of fan art

Yup! Those movies are my favourites of the marvel universe and lol yeah, Chris Evans is definitely something ahemm else……cough cough. (Why does he even bother with a T shirt if that’s how it fits on him)?

Aw, baby groot! And what’s better than baby groot is dancing baby groot! lol ^_^

theincorrigiblemagpie said:Much as I don’t like HSM and its variants, I like PP a lot not just because of all the fun acapella, but also cos it’s super cheesy and all the underdog-wins sorta feelz.

Aha, i think I watched too many non-cartoon disney movies as a child as well as other sports movies (such as Coach Carter, Remember the Titans, etc) where they have an underdog winner and an all too cheesy ending to the movies. So now they comes off as slightly boring lmao

  • me on a spanish test: cómo se llama, bonita, mi casa, shakira shakira

Angry Nazem Kadri ft. Antoine Roussel’s poor acting skills and Papa Bear Jordie Benn